Directors Desk

At Exal we believe in the idea of empathy to the fullest.

“Would I ever go back to a seller whose product did not meet with my requirements or the amount that I paid for it?”. Taking this further, one can say, it becomes the responsibility of the
manufacturer to create a product that is its money's worth, that makes the customer feel satisfied at the end of the day and makes him set out for a repeat purchase. We at Exal Pen have been endeavouring to fulfil this very simple yet extremely difficult goal. Excellence will be a manifest. In other words, it’s better to compromise on margins than quality.

In this marketing era we believe that the customer is the king. We totally and absolutely believe that Quality products at reasonable prices remain the most important guiding force of any business.

Making "Exal" a name to reckon with in the writing instruments industry is the dream that we set out to achieve.